Game Changing Full Moon Energies of April

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Game Changing Full Moon Energies of April

April is a very interesting month, energetically. Here’s why—

We have many planets in retrograde which give us the awakenyourfire blog post aprilopportunity to pause and review where we are and where we want to be.

This transformative time is perfect for reevaluating each area of our life.


It’s an opportunity to find full alignment with our greater knowing and true desires.

This can be very hard for some, but it’s so important.

I know from personal experience how easy it is to put ourselves last.

The energy coming through in April is a nudge from the Universe to set that right—to give yourself the space you need, to practice self-soothing, and to stand firmly in your brilliance.

In the coaching work I do, many I speak with are at a crossroads of life, right now.

They’re having trouble finding the momentum needed to move in any direction, much less knowing what the “right” direction looks like.

That indecision is a good thing.

The energies this month are showing us where we are not at peace, so we can heal fully and find absolute alignment.

This extraordinary full moon is a huge game changing opportunity with all the energies embracing us for healing. On Tuesday, April 11 at 2:08 am EDT, the Full moon lights up our world bringing light to all the areas of life to release what no longer serves us.


Here’s the gameplan…

The powerful T-square between Sun/Uranus opposite the Moon/Jupiter, with both squaring Pluto makes this a major turning point… This transformer helps us make the changes necessary and makes it both intense and inspirational.

Look into your chart and see what area of your life is being asked to change now. Your natal house of Aries is being transited by the forces of the Sun/bringing light to this house along with Uranus the awaken-er/destroyer. This house is opposed by your natal Libra transited by Jupiter/ bringer of joy, wisdom and expansion joined by this full moon ruled by Venus, planet of Love, lighting up your values and resources. This is a push/pull dance between these two areas of your life to find balance. This dance brings us nothing less than a spiritual opening to align with our greater self.

Saturn in Sagittarius is retrograde and accessing direct line to the Universal galactic center, but also squaring 90 degree to Venus/Chiron pairing in Pisces, shining our WAY OUT, profoundly healing our wounds of separation. Venus in retrograde helps us pause and surrender to our true source.

Right now, we’re being nudged to create space to each find our own personal peace and to take full responsibility of our life. Asking us to wake up to our new pathway of feeling to bring complete love and balance to carry out your spiritual mission.

This is a sacred gift being offered and helps us all find peace.

This peace starts with intention and allowance.

Set the intention to resolve whatever ails or frustrates you, even if you don’t know how.

Our heads may not know what resolution looks like, but our hearts always do.

What if now is actually the time to stop figuring everything out with our head? What if the freedom we’ve been looking for our whole life actually leads you to your heart?

Asking the Universe to assist you from that heart-space will put you into partnership with the dance of life.

This dance has a way of moving each of us towards resolution in perfect timing.

As a student of tango for many years, I know how exhilarating it can feel to be gracefully moved around the dance floor by a skilled partner.

April presents an incredible opportunity to trust the dance of life, feeling it’s strong guidance and embrace moving you right where you need to be.


Here are some questions that are valuable to ponder this month:

—Where are you making your decisions/choices from?

—What emotions are coming up? Why?

—What signals are you receiving from your intuitive guidance system?


—Perhaps you need support finding alignment or you’re looking for a process to better identify your true desires?

Helping people like you align with their heart’s desire is my life passion and purpose. I would love to visit and chat with you.

If you would like to chat or receive a reading, I will be at the following events near you this month:


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Commune with Your Greater Knowing

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