Discover Your Soul Purpose in your First Session,
Even If You’ve Been Searching for Clarity Your Entire Life

In Your First Session You Will Walk Away Better Able To:

  • Express your hidden gifts and talents.
  • Start living a more aware, authentic, meaningful life.
  • Live your authentic love style and love yourself.
  • Accelerate your evolution into mastery.
  • Navigate through “Life Lessons” with new success.
  • Define your purpose and live your passion.
  • Optimize your success, while making your contribution.

Express Your Gifts, Talents, and Purpose

We live in a world where it is not always encouraged to express our gifts, talents, and purpose. We’re told to be practical and to think rationally, which often results in our dreams being put aside for more tangible forms of success.

It’s possible to stumble around in the dark and waste years of your life struggling with the uncertainty of what will bring you a meaningful life. We often know there must be more to life than what we’re living, but we haven’t tapped into a step-by-step plan that shows us how to get there.

A Scientific Map to Success

What if there was a scientific way to showcase that your dream is not only possible but the most important thing you could be doing to create success in every aspect of your life?

The Ancient Art and Science of Fingerprint Analysis is the most comprehensive and accurate system of authentic empowerment. Your fingerprints are unique only to you and they tell an equally unique story about why you’re here and the type of work that will bring you and those you love deep satisfaction.

The amazingly accurate decoding process of scientific fingerprint analysis will reveal your life’s passion and unique purpose, increase your self-worth, and turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Confirmation that You’re On the Right Track

It can be difficult—without confirmation that you are living your highest potential—to take the necessary steps and ultimate leap required to live your highest purpose.

But what if there was a way to confirm that your wildest dreams and ambitions truly were the path of least of resistance and the shortest route to achieving ultimate success?

Your Soul’s Expression

Your hands reflect your mental and emotional selves, your potentials, values, thinking, behaviors, and spirituality. Your hands reveal your unique gifts, talents and soul expression as well as what holds you back from stepping into your greatness.

There’s a tendency to judge our past actions or lack thereof. However, a Life Path Clarity Hand Analysis session has the unique ability to show you the bigger picture of your life’s journey, why there’s nothing wrong with you or where you’re currently at, and the practical steps you can take to gain increased clarity, success, and empowerment.

Your fingerprints were imprinted before you were even born and reflect your soul’s desire and expression.

Your Unique Expression

Life Path Clarity Hand Analysis is about identifying what you were born to do in this life. We pull intense energy and inspiration when we are aligned with our life’s purpose. It’s that feeling place of knowing and confidence.

A thorough analysis of your fingerprints will give you a framework to tap into that power. When you’re connected with your purpose, low energy disappears and is replaced with an excitement for life.

What’s at Stake When Not Living Your Purpose?

What does it look like when you’re not living your purpose? It’s often filled with uncertainty, anxiety, guilt, indecision, stagnation, a feeling of not enough, and a knowing that there’s something more we are in search of. There’s a uncomfortable feeling of being lost and an inability to align with your inner voice to move forward in any direction. These are all symptoms designed to move us to know and understand ourselves more deeply.

However, deep within you lives all of the answers you’ve been seeking, but for most of us, we don’t know how to reach them. Your fingerprints operate as a key to unlock the infinite potential and knowing inside of you.

A Deeper Meaning

Understanding the deeper meaning of your soul’s purpose is the best way for us to not only achieve personal success but to live a life that uplifts and inspires all those who come into contact with us.

A Life Path Clarity Hand Analysis is your opportunity to receive the roadmap and user manual that will guide you into a meaningful life full of satisfaction and joy.

Your Divine Purpose is at Your Fingerprints.

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“I am willing to lift all of the risk of trying something new off of your shoulders and place it firmly onto mine and offer a money back guarantee if you don’t find clarity, understanding and direction from your hand analysis. Barbara Gale”

What People Are Saying:

“I had a hand reading with Barbara at an Expo in Austin and was totally blown away by what she was able to tell me about myself, including strengths and weaknesses, passions and Life Purpose. Absolutely incredible!” -Pj Spur, Dallas, Tx

“ I am grateful for your insightful work at helping in such a way that we feel healed, uplifting and excited about our own future. Sometimes we as Americans are so heady we have a hard time sorting through all the stuff we put into our lives. You bring definite clarity. Thank you!!” -Myla Rosebaugh, Austin TX.


Level One Hand Reading – 2 Sessions
A one-hour reading begins with inking & printing of your hand in person (kits can be mailed for long-distance readings). This first session defines your personality role and growth pattern. Your life path is identified and demonstrated with a step-by-step approach to navigating challenges that arise as you move towards mastery.

The second 1.5-hour session is a separate scheduled appointment and an in-depth study. This session focuses on the gifts and talents that when fully expressed make your spirit happiest. This session is about detailing the path to your Divine Purpose. We explore how you can fully express this purpose and the challenges that you may experience. We will define the paradoxes in your pathway to your greatness, designed to assist you to bring your passions to life. You will understand the primary elements of your nature, identify the balancing elements, and map practical steps toward achieving your desired life.

Level 1 Investment: $250.00

Level Two Hand Reading – 3 Sessions
This is a series of 3 sessions, each 1.5-hours in length.

These extended coaching sessions bring out more depth, more information, and more details to optimize your success. You will work directly with Barbara who will help you analyze current problems and scenarios in your life, as seen through the lens of your hand. These sessions include problem-solving coaching to assist you with practical steps to bring you into full mastery of your purposeful life.

When you are unable to see what is holding you back, your hands can show you a practical map back into alignment. In these sessions, you bring the problems and issues that are troubling you and Barbara provides practical guidance based on the messages in your hands. This soul-coaching allows you to fully integrate this map into your life and transform it into actionable steps.

You will receive everything from a level-one reading, plus helpful reminders and exercises to trigger your awareness into working for you, not against you. Each session will take you deeper into the path to your mastery, as we bring your daily practices into focusing on creating your highest expression.

Level 2 Investment: $450.00

profile-pic-leadBarbara Gale — Transformational Hand Analyst, Relationship Mentor, Psychic, and Soul Coach. Barbara’s intention is to offer enlightening insights to understand and live your meaningful life. Barbara has trained with Richard Unger and 4 master teachers from the International Institute of Hand Analysis for over 9 years. For a loving, intuitively guided solution from your hands call for your appointment today.