Relationship Mastery & Intuitive Guidance


If you don’t mature here, you don’t move to the next level.
Discover a Greater Loving, Healthier Authentic Expression that Attracts Love in Your Relationships.

Hint: It starts with loving yourself

Relationship Mastery is for you if:

  • You feel unsuccessful figuring out how to make your life work.
  • You’re in a relationship and need guidance & clarity.
  • Your relating has left you feeling uncertain, overwhelmed and even like giving up.
  • You’re struggling to find or express your own voice.
  • You want to move past your unconscious patterns that cause pain in your life.
  • You’re looking for your personal game plan to activate your attraction factor to attract a healthy partnership.
  • You’re emotional needs are not being met with family, colleagues & coworkers.
  • You choose to have clarity on how to stop sabotaging yourself to create a healthy relationship.

Learn What’s Holding You Back from Making Your Life Work

In this custom session over the phone or in person, you will gain a better understanding of your psychological makeup and how to grow your emotional guidance system. You’ll walk away with a better idea of what emotional skill-set you are learning, the exact game you’re playing and how to win.

This one amazingly revealing line in the hand, we call the heart line, helps us to understand our non-negotiable needs in emotional relationships. Our lives are filled with daily interactions with others. How we show up in relationship is how we show up in life. Many people live their entire lives without fully understanding their own emotional personality & archetype. Without this knowledge, you’re moving through life like a car at night without it’s headlights.

The Key that Opens All Other Doors

When you fully understand your emotional needs and claim them by showing up in relationships being true to yourself, you reclaim balance and doors begin to open. It’s as though a weight is lifted and you’re suddenly able to gracefully navigate your life. We no longer attract circumstances that make for painful experiences.

By decoding your hands with a scientific perspective, we’ll be able to pinpoint how your outer personality (how you show up for others) blends with your inner personality (how you show up for yourself). This gives us a springboard to support your positive potential and the tripping points that are likely holding you back. All designed to turn your weaknesses into strength.

Most of us look at life through our own subjective lens. We assume that everyone else must think like us. The problem is that everyone has their own lens, internal wiring and game plan. This reading will give you insight on how to better read people and to understand and appreciate the needs of others with more compassion. Showing up authentically and expressing your emotional needs gives closeness and clarity in all your relating.

Creating Your Daily Practice

After looking at your hands and identifying the game you are playing and the lessons you are here to learn, Barbara will give an intuitive reading of your life situation by tapping into the solutions aspect of her higher self.

This usually consists of useful information, daily exercises for you to implement into your week, support on specific questions, creating mindset goals and assigning exercises to help you achieve them, plus a winning strategy for developing meaningful relationships in your life.

You will walk away with an actionable daily practice and template for loving yourself and others more authentically, while winning your game.

Learn to attract the relationships you deserve.

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What People Are Saying:

I participated in Barbara’s Love Essentials Blueprint workshop and it was life altering. What I learned in class has allowed me to heal past hurts from failed relationships and become more accepting of the traits of my true love personality. I recommend this workshop whether you are in a relationship or single. -Andrea G., Pflugerville, TX

“Insightful, engaging! After living with my husband for over 30 years, now I understand where he is coming from!” I can be in a state of understanding, not of frustration after she pointed out a few traits in both he and I that made me go Awww! I would highly recommend Barbara’s relationship reading to anyone, whether you are newly committed or rocking together for 30 years”. Tara Ventura, Austin, TX

Relationship Mastery Reading –
Each session is 1/2 to 1 hour in length.

Ideal for couples to ease your emotional struggles and strengthen your intimate connections. When you understand your internal wiring it changes the way you look at yourself and partnership. It is my goal to show how to be compassionate toward your own self, which can lead to successful loving relationships full of compassion and understanding that each of us is dealing with our own lessons.

Investment: $60.00 half hour.  Couples reading for both $100.00 1 hour.

Combine relationship guidance with Hand reading plus Tarot package. $100.00 1 hour

profile-pic-leadBarbara Gale — Transformational Hand Analyst, Relationship Mentor-ship, Masterful Teacher, Psychic, and Soul Coach. Relationships are very challenging at times. Barbara Gale has shared her insights on mastering the art of relating for many years. She gently guides you, blending empowerment tools and intuitive guidance with your very own unique personality traits and emotional needs found in your hand.

This assists you in reclaiming your personal power and enhances your ability to successfully live your authentic self with love and understanding. It also enables you to see your point of attraction with your own emotional archetype and what attracts you to your partner. Bring a deeper understanding to your relationships and open meaningful connections.