Find Perspective & Navigational Tools.
Begin to Awaken to Your New Gifts & Abilities

A Spiritual Guidance Reading is for you if you:

  • Have recently had a spiritual awakening and wish to better understand your new perspective.
  • Want to better map a route to enlightenment.
  • Need clarity on universal truths & metaphysical laws.
  • Are looking to better understand the awakening phenomena.
  • Need help navigating the illusion of reality.
  • Want to better understand how you create your life.
  • Are very sensitive and empathic and looking to better dial those abilities up and down.
  • Are looking to grow your intuition.

Spiritual Awakening Often Feels Like Spiritual Crisis

We live in a time of awakening and that often shows up initially in our life as drastic changes. Have you noticed that your beliefs are slowing changing or becoming unclear? Are you more thirsty for freedom and satisfaction that acquiring things? Have you fallen out of touch with family and friends? Do things just feel different and slightly uncomfortable?

These and many more are all signs that you’re shedding your skin and stepping into a new you. We call it spiritual awakening. It’s a beautiful time of going into a cocoon and coming out as a beautiful new butterfly of your making.

However, when these changes and shifts come on quickly and without context, they can feel very uncomfortable. A Spiritual Guidance Reading is about smoothing out some of the wrinkles in your experience and providing some insight as to what really happening to you and your world behind the scenes.

Expanding Your Awareness

Navigating life can be tough enough, but as your mind, body, and spirit catapult themselves into new territory and paradigms of thinking, it’s helpful to have a guide that can show you some of the rules of the new road.

Barbara Gale will feel into your current energies and give intuitive guidance, paired with a tarot card reading. This combination of modalities allows you to grasp your current life scenario from multiple angles and gives you actionable feedback that you can apply to your daily life.

Creating Your Daily Practice

After looking at your hands and identifying the game you are playing and the lessons you are here to learn, Barbara will give an intuitive reading of your life situation by tapping into the solutions aspect of her higher self.

This usually consists of useful information, daily exercises for you to implement into your week, support on specific questions, creating mindset goals and assigning exercises to help you achieve them, plus a winning strategy for developing meaningful relationships in your life.

You will walk away with an actionable daily practice and template for loving yourself and others more authentically, while winning your game.

Learn to consciously create your life and find joy all around you.

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What People Are Saying:

“Calling Barbara gives me a feeling of being cared for. She is deeply attentive and exudes that she really cares about the person she is speaking with.” – Aimee Rousseau, Taos, NM

Spiritual Guidance Reading:
1 hour or half hour sessions

Investment: $100. per hour. $60. half hour

profile-pic-leadBarbara Gale — Transformational Hand Analyst, Relationship Mentor-ship, Masterful Teacher, Psychic, and Soul Coach. Relationships are very challenging at times. Barbara Gale gently guides you, blending empowerment tools and intuitive guidance with your very own unique personality traits and emotional needs found in your hand. Personal growth coaching can support the alignment of your life with your heart’s desire. Give to yourself the experience of improved self-esteem, personal power, clear boundaries and gain a sense of peace and balance. You can expect confidentiality, compassion, transparency, trust, and active listening and co-creative dialogue, often supported with creative visualization and meditation journeys